User Manual – Digital Signage Software

Thank you for choosing REKLAMA – Digital Signage Software

Following are some features trying to explaining you via screenshots. Contact us if you have any questions !

Login in to system. Login credentials are sent to email. This credentials are also used to login into android tv box apk.  Apk is available on Play store (

Dashboard: Showing a number of active and deactive screen.

List of screen. Only admin user can add add, edit and delete screen. Here you can manage campaign by clicking on the search icon ().And by clicking on the eye () you can see preview. Here you can see current active campaign based on your start time. Campaign preview will automatically change based on different campaign start time.

Before adding campaign you have to upload some media.

Drag and drop media.

Once you uploaded media, You can now create campaign!

Initially there will be no campaign so have to create campaign by tapping ‘Add New” button from the top right.

Now you are on add campaign screen. Enter valid campaign title and start and end time. If you leave end time empty then campaign will be endless. You can’t overlapping  campaign time. As mentioned before, Campaign will automatically start based on It’s start time.
Add a slider by tapping “Add Slide” button from bottom right button.

Choose media. Enter title for identification. Duration in seconds to stay/show single media in slider carousel. Overlay text is a text which will display over the media. You can set the foreground and background color for overlay text.

Add N number of media and click on save. (At top-right)

Once you create campaign, Go back and you can see a campaign listed. You can perform different operation.

() => Sorting a media. Drag and top to adjust position.

() => Preview campaign. Here you are seeing campaign specific preview. So other campaign will not start based on their start time.

() => Edit campaign

() => Copy campaign. Here you can copy campaign to same or other screen. This will helps to create duplicate campaign and save the time.

() => Delete a campaign


Reklama is available to preview in web browser and android based apk player.

In android apk, there is additional features like:

  1. Caching of media. It save internet bytes.
  2. Offline work. As its cache data, It can work offline. (Without internet)
  3. Apk can be start on system boots and automatically start playing current active campaign.
  4. Share live video on screens.
    With Reklama and YouTube, you can share Live Videos on your screens in just a few clicks .. click here to watch the explainer video!

    Find out how to easily start Youtube live streaming on your screens!

    Enter a YouTube link in the Reklama control panel, to view a YouTube live stream on your screens.

    Choose the screen where you want the live streaming to be broadcast, and launch the broadcast!
    Reklama will automatically stop the advertising campaigns in progress to show the chosen video, broadcast live on Youtube!